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iPod [10 Apr 2006|01:10pm]

i think i saw this posted already, but here it as anyways - http://ipods.freepay.com/?r=28893614. you get a free ipod for completing an online offer (blockbuster, ebay, realplayer, etc).

if you're not convinced, here is an article about the company running the promotion, "gratis" - http://www.geek.com/news/geeknews/2004Aug/gee20040819026544.htm

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american idol! [16 May 2005|10:33pm]

Bo Bice:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Carrie Underwood:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Vonzell Solomon:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this is so easy for me.
chuck: vonzell
fuck: carrie
marrry: bo

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neat. [09 May 2005|10:50am]

[ mood | calm ]

chuck fuck or marry:

1. kimmy gibbler

2. darlene conner

3. sabrina the teenage witch


chuck sabrina fuck darlene marry kimmy gibbler because she's awesome

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The best one ever - Night at the Roxbury's [28 Nov 2004|03:54am]

[ mood | happy ]

C, F, or M:

Chris Kattan

Jim Carey

Will Farell

My AnswerCollapse )

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[25 Nov 2004|07:38pm]

  • Mr T

  • Mr Clean

  • Mr Rodgers

    chuck -- Mr T
    fuck -- Mr Clean ^_^
    marry -- Mr Rodgers

    pretty obvious, I'm sure.
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    cfm [05 Nov 2004|11:04pm]

    freddy krugar

    c: chucky, enough said.
    f: dracula, it might be hot.
    m: freddy, i could never have sex with that man.

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    im new! 20 yrs old and i still play this game everywhere...with everyone [26 Jul 2004|11:31am]

    1. Urkel
    2. Screech
    3. Doogie Howser

    I would:
    C. Doogie, cause if you are a doctor at 16, there is something wrong.
    F. Screech, to use him to get to Zach.
    M. Urkel, cause I could be burned in the face and have my limbs amputated. As long as he's getting some, he will be there forever.

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    Tyrants [11 Jul 2004|11:59pm]

    I think this one's kind of hard:

    Adolf Hitler

    Benito Mussolini

    Joseph Stalin

    C: Hitler
    F: Mussolini
    M: Stalin

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    [07 Jul 2004|01:20am]
    ok, so I'm bored, and I think this is fun.

    alright. chuck, fuck, or marry:




    alright, i know this is a hard decision, but...

    CHUCK: black
    FUCK: salmon
    MARRY: mint green

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    yay seven dwarves~! [07 Jul 2004|01:00am]
    [ mood | okay ]

    this idea came from halberd25

    chuck, fuck or marry:

  • Dopey

  • Sleepy

  • Bashful

    C: Sleepy
    F: Dopey
    M: Bashful
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    [05 Jun 2004|11:31am]
    rocky horror picture show characters

  • janet
  • columbia
  • magenta

  • brad
  • frank-n-furter
  • rocky

    my answers:

    girls -
    chuck: magenta
    fuck: columbia
    marry: janet

    guys -
    chuck: frank-n-furter
    fuck: rocky
    marry: brad
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    [30 May 2004|12:49am]



    JOHN (yeah, i don't know what he's doing either)

    i'd chuck john,
    fuck doug,
    and marry riley.

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    [23 May 2004|09:24pm]

    1) Paris Hilton

    2) Donald Trump

    3) Beyonce


    CHUCK: Paris
    FUCK: Beyonce
    MARRY: Donald

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    noobie [22 May 2004|07:28pm]
    whats up, i just joined.

    chuck, fuck, or marry:

      teen queens

    • ashley olsen
    • hilary duff
    • lindsey lohan

    ehh so what if they aren't legal yet
    i say:

    chuck - hilary duff
    fuck - lindsey lohan
    marry - ashley olsen

      mtv vjs

    • carson daly
    • gideon yago
    • brian mcfaden (sp?)

    i say:
    chuck - brian mcfaden
    fuck - gideon yago
    marry - carson

    uh i know those weren't the best. i'll think of some better ones soon.

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    i haven't posted a trio in two years [20 Feb 2004|04:53pm]

    The Daily Show

    Current Correspondents
    Ed Helms
    Stephen Colbert
    Rob Corddry

    c: Rob
    f: Ed
    m: Stephen

    Old Correspondents
    Steve Carrel
    Mo Rocca
    Vance DeGeneres

    c: Vance
    f: Steve
    m: Mo

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    C F M : old men [15 Feb 2004|02:02pm]

    jack nickolson
    anthony hopkins
    christpher walken

    c: anthony hopkins (he creeps me out)
    m: jack nickolson (seems like he would be the most normal to live with)
    f: christopher walken (even though it would be really scary)

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    CFM [16 Jan 2004|04:00pm]

    50 cent
    Old Dirty Bastard (aka o.d.b)
    Buster Rhymes

    And I won't be participating in this one, because thats just sick. But I believe I have created a winner here.

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    rich girls [13 Dec 2003|05:41pm]

    chuck fuck or marry:
    -paris hilton
    -ally hillfiger
    -jaime gleicher

    i know nothing about ally so it's hard to make an informed decision.

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    someone call me butter cause i'm on a roll! [13 Dec 2003|03:50pm]

    Johnny Depp characters.

    Captin Jack Sparrow
    Edward Scissorhands

    m:Captin Jack Sparrow. he'd be fun
    f: Crybaby. He has a sensitive side.
    c: Edward Scissorhands. the scissors.

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    C/F/M [13 Dec 2003|03:39pm]

    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    President Bush
    Mayor Notte

    I really don't think i can do this one myself.
    snaps for that.

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